Sound System

  • Equip your boat with an audio system for moments of fun or relaxation with music on board!


  • Composed of a Marine Stereo Fusion 700, two 6″ speakers and an antenna, this powerful audio pack will delight you. Ipod, Iphone, USB or MP3 are placed inside the case, offering convenience and security for your devices. You can easily and quickly browse through over a thousand songs.


  • Four independent audio zones can be set separately. Lower the volume in the cabin and raise the decibels in the aft saloon.


  • Both intuitive and easy to use, the Audio Marine Stereo 700 pack has been specially designed to meet the characteristics of the marine world.


  • Plus Products :
    • Sound quality
    • Two 6″ speakers
    • Iphone, Ipod, USB and MP3 compatible

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