Pro Open 650

The PRO OPEN has a new look after a complete new design. But it still has all the features that made it such a success. Its deep-V hull enables it to cut smoothly into waves with ease, giving the boat optimum performance. The many options available enable you to turn it into the ideal companion for watersports, fishing or relaxing. The console that is hinged onto the deck gives access to the integrated fuel tank and a storage area.

The flat upper section allows a wide range of navigation instruments to be installed and makes storing the boat in a garage easier by reducing overall height. The rear seats are also moulded into the deck and include a 54-litre cooler*. Equipped for the open seas, the PRO OPEN is an approved Class B design*.

* except PRO OPEN 550


  • Deep V-shaped polyester hull
  • Moulded non-slip deck
  • Self-draining cockpit
  • 1 bow ring
  • 1 bow mooring cleat
  • 2 stern mooring cleats
  • Central hold
  • Bow locker with separate compartments: anchor locker + removable storage bin
  • 2 aft lockers

Buoyancy tube

  • Removable buoyancy tube
  • Hypalon™-Neoprene™ fabric
  • Polyester bow roller
  • Semi-recessed valves
  • Lifelines
  • 4 external handles
  • Ultra-wide anti-chafing strip
  • Short cones


  • Hypalon

Standard Equipment

  • Reclining steering console cylinder with:
    • Hydraulic steering
    • Windscreen
    • Stainless steel handrail
    • Console doors
  • Navigation lights
  • Fitted fuel tank with gauge (120 litres) + fuel/water separator
  • EPA fuel tank capacity : 53 US gal
  • Bilge pump
  • Battery cut-off
  • Foot pump
  • Pressure gauge plug
  • Repair kit
  • Owner’s manual
  • 1 polyester bow roller with navigation lights
  • Stern seats inc. removable back rests

Equipment specific :

  • Pilot and co-pilot’s bolster with:
    • Foot-rests
    • Handrail
    • 4 fishing rod holders
    • Storage bin
  • Dual position upholstered 54-litre cooler
  • Aft seat with removable backrest
  • Bathing ladder


Dimensions (m-fi)

Length overall 6.50 – 21’4”
Inside length 4.95 – 16’3”
Width overall 2.50 – 8’2”
Inside width 1.35 – 4’5”
Tube diametre


Passengers (ISO) 5/13
Max payload allowed (Cat C) (Hp – kW) 1600 – 3527
Max payload allowed (Cat B) (Hp – kW)
Total weight (kg – lbs) 670 – 1477
Airtight compartments

Hull storage (m-fi)

Hull length  5.28 – 17’4″
Hull width 1.57 – 5’2″
Hull height 1.91 – 6’3″
Hull angle (°)

Outboard data

Shaft ExtraLong
Min recommended power (Hp – kW)
Max recommended power (Hp – kW) 150 – 112
Max power allowed (Hp – kW) 175 / 2 x 80 – 131 / 2 x 58
Max speed (Km/h – mph) 77 – 48

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  • 5 out of 5

    Just bought a 2016 Pro Open 650 from a great zodiac dealer in Portland, Oregon. Dyeing to try the boat we headed to port orchard across the bay from Seattle. We left port orchard area on the water and headed up the coast to the san juan islands near the US/Canada border for the next three days. The boat was great handled like a dream on our ride up the coast. It handled big cargo and ferry ship wakes with ease slicing threw them and not smacking down on them. We stopped at port Townsend for fuel and I will say I missed the presence of a bow cleat when docking, I saw a cleat on the 550 pro open in the shop and wonder why its is absent on the 650. Handling and construction wise this boat is top notch. We then crossed the straights over toward Friday Harbor cutting across the open seas. It was light winds and good seas. I purchased the T top model with a 150hp Yamaha on the back and am very pleased at the speed we made it across. The light weight motor gave me power to maneuver properly in big seas, the boat was stable and a dry ride and the shade, the t top provided was very useful on our multiday adventure. This is my 4th inflatable boat now and I started with a 8,6″ wood floor boat from Quicksilver with a 6hp Mercury, then graduated to my first rib a 13′ Avon Yamaha 15hp tiller steer rib, to a 14′ Zodiac Honda 50hp rib to my new Zodiac 650 Pro Open with Yamaha 150. This boat impressed me the whole way, we toured all over and around most of the islands, in coves, bays and open straights. We saw whales, dolphins, sea otters, and seals. The boat allowed us to move efficiently through the islands as we wanted. We dropped anchor for lunch a few times and heated soup on our small camp stove and had drinks from the built in cooler. Our return trip was a bit on the rough side coming back from Friday Harbor down to Port Townsend. The wind was blowing and the tides against us it got more than a little bit rough on our trip back across the bay. We took spray over the bow regularly coming off the tops of waves and into the troughs the deck drains worked removing all excess deck water. The boat preformed perfectly, I just braced myself well against the leaning post and made my way across the long bumpy ride mother nature gave me. Once we cleared Port Townsend the winds died down and we breezed our way through the rest of light chop and swells back to port orchard. We put it on our trailer and towed it back home in Utah. I love inflatable boats and this rib impressed me, it is defiantly a more sea worthy vessel and not so much a lake cruising boat but that’s exactly what I wanted and didn’t feel in my smaller rib boats. I love boats and cruising all over, and wish It could be my life and job. We all can dream right, I got my new zodiac boat to get away and it preformed without even blinking an eye. I’m headed to Lake Powell next. Ill write a second review on my fresh water journey if I can post here again.

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