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Compact and easy to stow in a cockpit locker, the CADET holds its own against larger models. Its progressive-diameter buoyancy-tube provides improved stability. CADETs have an outstanding lifespan and guarantee a high level of safety for their owners (due to the closure of the welded float and the glued overlap).

Choose your floor from an extensive range: the Aero models are comfortable and light thanks to the H2P inflatable floor. The high-performance aluminium-floor Alu series models have an inflatable keel enabling them to plane rapidly and improving manoeuvrability. Fitting the slatted floor in the Roll Up series simply involves inflating the buoyancy tubes; stowage is just a matter of folding it into its carrying bag, no need to remove the slats.

Choose from a wide product range, the tender that fits your needs :

  • Cadet 200 Roll Up and Aero 2m / 6’7 “
  • Cadet 230 Roll Up and Aero 2,3 / 7’7 “
  • Cadet 270 Roll Up, Aero and Alu 2,7m / 8’10 “
  • Cadet 310 Aero and Alu 3,1m / 10’2 “
  • Cadet 350 Aero and Alu 3,5m / 11’6 “

The equipment is most likely to be patented, such as the system of rowlock or the internal command of the self bailor. The whole set has an incomparable style, nothing surprising, it is a Zodiac® Tender.

• Different types of floors: slatted, inflatable or aluminum
• Truncated cones
• Thwart / seat and carrying bag included as standard


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Recommended for

A ” image.png ” represents an image of the part listed.


  • Removable slats image.png 
  • Aluminum engine mounting plate image.png
  • 1 bailer image.png


  • Strongan ™ fabric 
  • Easy push valves image.png
  • handrail image.png
  • 2 oar rests image.png
  • 2 “Safe Clic” swivel oarlocks image.png
  • All-round ribbed rubbing strip image.png
  • Bow handle image.png
  • 2 Stainless steel tow rings image.png
  • 2 Stainless steel carrying rings image.png
  • Cone reinforcers image.png


  • Thermobonded PVC

Standard Equipment

  • Removable bench seat image.png
  • Reinforced aluminum oars image.png
  • Oarlock and locking ring image.png
  • “Modulo” Carrying bag image.png
  • Foot pump image.png
  • Repair Kit image.png
  • Owner’s manual image.png



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