Nomad RIB Alu

  • Nomad Rib Alu blue side view
  • Nomad Rib Alu white side view
  • Nomad Rib Alu grey
  • Nomad Rib Alu blue side view
  • Nomad Rib Alu white side view
  • Nomad Rib Alu grey
  • Nomad RIB Alu

    Discover the Nomad range, our new Zodiac RIB alu tenders, equipped with an aluminum hull offering an exceptional sailing experience on this type of size! Their light weight makes them easier to handle and reduces the strain on your yacht's davits. Equipped with a double floor, they offer enhanced comfort, and their new layout incorporates numerous watertight storage compartments to guarantee the safety of your onboard equipment in the most challenging conditions. A bench seat + console KIT is also available as an option, for even greater comfort and a pleasant ride.


    You can now choose between PVC or UV-resistant neoprene tubes (from recognized suppliers Mehler and Orca), and between several colors.


    This new Zodiac range includes 5 models - 2.7/3.1/3.3/3.6/3.9 - each delivered with full equipment at very competitive prices.


    Our CADET/NOMAD dinghies are compatible with KAHE's POD 600 motor, a new eco-friendly electric motor. It replaces a combustion engine in just one minute. It's a 3-in-1 motor that can not only power a small boat, but also serve as an underwater scooter, or power canoes or stand-up paddles.

    • 9 to 13" Length
    • 5" Beam
    • 121 to 176 lbs Weight
    • 10 to 30 HP Max Power
    • Without integrated tank
    • 3 to 7 Persons Max


    Outboard , 1 engine
    Open , Front trunk
    Neoprene/Hypalon or PVC/Strongan tube , Aluminium hull
    People Capacity
    3 to 7 Persons / 4 people boats and above

    Standard equipment

    • 2 Aft Towing Rings
    • 2 Aluminium Paddles
    • 2 External Handles /8 Internal Handles
    • Deflecting Rubbing Strake
    • Engine Support
    • Full Keel Protection
    • Large, watertight bow locker
    • Lifting Points
    • Manual Pump
    • Removable Thwart
    • Repair Kit
    • Under Bench Storage Bag / Waterproof Zodiac Bag
    • 1 Bow D Ring

    Options & accessories

    • 7' Steering Cable
    • Davit-Launched Sling Kit
    • Pressure Gauge
    • Under Bench Storage Bag