26 ft boats and above

Semi-rigid boat 9m Medline 9
Semi-rigid boat 8m PRO 850 custom
Semi-rigid boat 9m Medline 9 Netherlands
Semi-rigid boat 9m Medline 9 top view
The 26 feet boat, which is very large, allows you to operate on the sea for cruising or water sports with family or friends. With a capacity of 20 to 25 people and a length of 26 feet and above, the RIB offers enough space on board to explore the seas of the world with several people and for collective use as part of an activity. Comfort, sturdiness and power characterize the 26 feet recreational RIB.

The 26 feet RIB has a rigid hull that offers enough stability on board for easy navigation and for water sports activities, such as diving and fishing. With outboard motorboats from the Pro range, you’ll enjoy unique performance and space optimized for professional use or for the more experienced sailor. The ability to cope with adverse weather conditions is also important on the RIB, ensuring that you are safe even when the weather changes suddenly and the sea is rougher.

A wide range of 26 ft boats

The inflatable tube of the RIB is very popular as it enables easy storage and transportation of the boat so you can embark on adventures anywhere you want. On board, the deck space can be customized for your comfort. You can select the accessories and equipment of your choice: storage locker, sun deck, seats… The Medline 9, the iconic leisure boat of the Medline range, is ideal for trips out to sea to enjoy the sun and the best swimming spots. The large capacity of these boats of 26 feet and above allows you to take to the sea with big groups of people, such as families with children or friends. The versatility and power of the leisure boats means that they can be used for both leisure and water sports activities at the ideal cruising speed, as wakeboarding boats for instance.

Find the perfect length

Immerse yourself in the luxury of boating with our 26 ft and above boats, the perfect balance of performance and elegance. These spacious boats offer unrivaled comfort, sumptuous relaxation areas and top-of-the-range features. Whether you’re looking for relaxing cruising or more adventurous adventures at sea, our boat excels in all areas. With a robust hull and state-of-the-art equipment, every voyage becomes an experience of luxury and power. Redefine your boating experience.