Leisure boats and RIBs

Looking for a leisure boat for outings with family or friends? With your RIB, you can explore all the most beautiful places on the coast and go on adventures in many types of conditions. Practical and easy to operate, it accompanies you on your travels to discover the most beautiful places in the sea. The RIB, with its rigid hull and inflatable tube, is also particularly versatile, making it the boat of choice for both cruising and water sports. You can also use it as a yacht tender to reach the coast or less accessible places. Efficient and robust, your leisure boat guarantees comfort and safety during your expeditions.

Pleasure boats water skiing
Pleasure boats stand up paddle

The RIB for pleasure outings

has the necessary capabilities for sea trips, even in difficult weather conditions, as well as for leisure activities. It will be your best friend on the sea or on calmer waters anywhere in the world. This is a practical boat that you will appreciate when sailing and relaxing on a sunny day. The length of the boat will depend on the number of people on board. You will then have to choose the right engine to reach the desired cruising speed according to your application.