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Inflatable boat tenders

Choose an inflatable boat tender to complement your main boat. Agility and technical expertise have been integrated into a range of dinghies that you can fit with an engine for extra power. With 13 dinghy models available in our 2 tender  ranges : CADET and NOMAD, you are guaranteed to find the perfect model !

A dinghy is a boat that is highly recommended to provide assistance as a tender when necessary for trips between the boat and the shore or the port, but also to access remote places. Easy to use on a daily basis, light and robust, your inflatable dinghy will accompany you on all your adventures on the water. With high-end PVC or Hypalon Neoprene construction and a sturdy hull, this rigid inflatable boat offers exceptional durability, ensuring years of uncompromising use. Its lightweight, compact design, combined with ease of storage, makes it the ideal companion for all your nautical escapades. These boats can offer quality seats for passengers while keeping high performance on water.

The versatility of the inflatable tender boat

The inflatable boat tender allows you to reach land when your main boat is moored, to operate  to places that are less accessible with your main boat and also to go fishing or snorkeling. Useful for everyday activities, it is easy to handle so it can be quickly stored in your yacht, sailboat or catamaran, requiring minimal use of davits. Lightweight, robust and easily foldable, the dinghies are equipped with wide tubes to provide more stability on board. The inflatable and foldable tube also enables easy storage and space saving. There are several sizes available to allow you to adapt the length of the boat to the number of people on board, the application and the boating  area.

Get your tender boat for your main boat

The tender's versatility is reflected in its ease of maneuverability and transport. Its quick inflation and convenient deflation mean you spend less time preparing and more time enjoying the water. Whether you're a fishing or diving enthusiast, or simply looking for a hassle-free boating experience, the inflatable tender boat is suitable for all occasions. Take on the waves with confidence, explore hidden coves and create lasting memories with the inflatable tender boat. The equipment and accessories on board are also designed to ensure the comfort of the captain and passengers: removable seat, lifting points, waterproof bag, paddles, handles, repair kit, etc.