Diving boats and RIBs

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The RIB for diving

Get on board your diving boat and go exploring the seabed. The RIB offers all the stability and space needed to meet the expectations of divers for their sea trips or camping on islands. Enjoy your favorite leisure activity in complete safety thanks to a boat adapted for scuba diving, snorkeling or spearfishing.

Your boat for diving or spearfishing must meet certain specifications to ensure the safety of passengers and equipment and to make trips more comfortable. An outboard boat is ideal for both beginners and experienced divers because it is practical, light and stable. RIBs are particularly popular for water sports because they can be customized and accessorized (ladder, seat, console, storage, etc.) to suit their application. The size of the boat will depend on how many people will be on board, where you will be boating and how much space you have for storage on the boat.

Stability and strength of diving boats

The boat must be sufficiently strong and robust to allow collective water sport use. The stability of the RIB is perfect for divers who need to be able to balance themselves on the boat and turn around when diving. The RIB for Spearfishing or diving supports the weight of the technical equipment as well as the passengers. Compared to open hull boats or inflatables, the RIB, with its rigid hull and inflatable tube, offers greater balance on the water. The RIB’s engine offers the power needed for safe boating, even in difficult conditions. At sea, weather conditions can change very quickly. The boats are designed so that they can handle the wind and the hull can easily pass through the waves, even when heavily loaded. You can choose between different engines depending on the power you are looking for. Choose a light and easily transportable boat model to go diving wherever you want and maneuver with ease. Now, you only have to take all of your diving equipment, find the best dive sites and enjoy memorable day trips with other SCUBA divers. Discover all of our leisure boats right now !

The diving boat, powerful and lightweight

The shape of the outboard motorboats as well as their layout must be practical for the activity, without neglecting the comfort of the divers. With an RIB for diving, you benefit from a large loading and boarding capacity to accommodate passengers and all equipment in complete safety. As specific diving equipment is relatively heavy and cumbersome, it requires space and structural strength. In addition, the divers also need space on the leisure boat to equip themselves from head to toe (wetsuit, tank, etc.) and for the groups to dive into the water. A sufficiently large Spearfishing or dive boat front section with a platform deck will allow the storage of equipment as well as an anchor locker with anchor, chain and rope, leaving enough room and comfort for the divers. The length of the boat should be chosen according to the number of passengers.