Maintain and clean your tube and boat Zodiac
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How to clean and maintain your Zodiac boat and your tube ?

13 February 2024

Zodiac RIB Maintenance and Care 

1. A routine for the longevity of your boat and tube 

You’ll need to clean your boat regularly, after every saltwater outing to remove salt residue, and especially after fishing trips to remove fish scales and blood residue, which can stain and damage your tube. Fish blood dries in the sun and can permanently stain your tube and deck. 

For this, use a mild soap, plenty of water and a brush.  

Don’t forget to use fenders when moored in port or at your dock, as metal pontoons and other boats around you can damage your tube and leave permanent marks. 

We recommend the use of the “Revival” ecological paste, which cleans, degreases, polishes and protects not only your boat's hull but also your tube. For regular cleaning or renovation, it can remove yellow marks, scale, rust and black marks.... You can buy it from one of our authorized Zodiac dealers.

For meticulous cleaning of your boat and tube, you can also call on the expertise of your Zodiac dealer, who has the right products for the job.  

When cleaning on land, open the drain plug and rinse the boat with a jet of water to remove sand and debris.  

We recommend avoiding the use of high-pressure cleaning equipment, aggressive detergents or silicone-based products.  

Regular inspection of the fuel system is also recommended. 

In addition, temperature variations can affect tube pressure, so check valves and seals regularly, as well as tube pressure. Consult your Zodiac agent in the event of an abnormal drop. 


2. Protecting your RIB in winter 

Before winterizing, rinse your RIB thoroughly to remove all salt residue. You’ll need to do a more thorough cleaning than you do every day after going out to sea. 

First, deflate your tube and wash the deck and hull with soapy water. Make sure the bilge pump is in good condition, and open the bilge plugs to drain any water from the hull. 

Then check the condition of the console, bimini and straps, and the tightness of screws, nuts and engine bolts.  

For the winter storage period, we recommend that you store your boat in a clean, dry place, away from temperature variations, using a protective cover to preserve the color of the tubes.  

For neoprene hypalon tubes, you can prevent mildew in winter by using a mixture of white vinegar and lukewarm water on your tube. 



Maintain and clean your tube and boat Zodiac

Do you own a Zodiac inflatable or folding boat?  Do you own a Zodiac inflatable dinghy?

Here’s how.

1. Daily maintenance of your Zodiac dinghy is important 

It’s important to clean your dinghy regularly after every sea outing to remove salt residue, using a mild soap, plenty of water and a brush. If necessary, consult your Zodiac dealer for suitable products. 

As with semi-rigid boats, open the drain while cleaning and rinse the boat with a jet of water. Make sure valves and seals are in good condition when deflating. 

2. Protecting your tender in winter 

To prepare for winter, take specific measures to protect your inflatable boat. Remember to fold your dinghy in its bag and store it in a clean, dry place. You can use a Zodiac protective cover to prevent damage due to temperature variations. 

To conclude, regular maintenance and simple precautions will prolong the life of your Zodiac RIB and dinghy. Whether it’s through daily cleaning, regular checks, or protective actions before winter, every action counts to ensure the performance and longevity of your boat. 

Maintain and clean your tube and boat Zodiac

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