Zodiac x Caperlan

Your ally for unforgettable fishing adventures 

For more than 128 years, Zodiac Nautic has been recognized for its commitment to excellence and innovation in boating. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Caperlan, a Decathlon Group brand that embodies these same values and constantly strives to provide top-quality products for sea and boat fishing enthusiasts. 

A collaboration based on passion and innovation 

Founded on a passion for fishing, Caperlan is constantly evolving to meet the expectations of the most demanding anglers. By segmenting its design teams into 4 categories (Carnassiers, Sea, Coup and Carp) in 2017, the brand has strengthened its commitment to developing specific, innovative products. By integrating new, passionate employees, Caperlan places customer satisfaction at the heart of its concerns, with the aim of accompanying you for many years to come, whatever your fishing technique and frequency of practice. 

Zodiac x Carperlan partnership
Zodiac x Carperlan partnership

Durable, innovative products designed for adventure 

At Zodiac Nautic, we share Caperlan’s vision of sustainability and quality. That’s why we’re particularly impressed by the brand’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. By working on manufacturing processes and favoring the use of recycled materials such as plastic and polyester, Caperlan is actively committed to reducing its CO2 impact, while offering high-quality products to its customers. 

At Zodiac Nautic, we believe in the power of collaboration to preserve our playgrounds and share our common passion for fishing. That’s why we’re proud to collaborate with Caperlan and work together to develop products that meet the needs of the most passionate anglers. With Caperlan as your partner, you can be sure of benefiting from the best equipment and services to make your fishing adventures as rewarding as possible on our boats. 

Together, we’ve developed a new Bolster that comes as an option on our PRO range models Pro 5.5, Pro 6.5 and Pro 7. This Fishing Bolster features 4 rod holders, a retractable shelf and a lure holder. You can discover it in photos on our PRO 7 page.

Zodiac x Carperlan partnership

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