Offre flotteur Zodiac roll bar

Tube Offer

28 October 2022

Need to change your removable Zodiac tube, or just want to give your boat a makeover?

Now is the time! 😀

The Zodiac ‘take back your tube’ deal is back from November 1st, 2022 to May 31st, 2023. How does it work?

We will take back your tube (regardless of age or condition) with a discount going up to 2000 euro for a new equivalent tube depending on the model.

Simply visit a participating dealer, check with them if the tube model is still available for sale and buy a new one mentioning the ‘take back your tube’ deal.

This deal is valid with participating dealers in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Danemark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland and only valid for the below mentioned removable tubes while stock last.