Sport motorboats

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you love water sports? Choose your powerful and agile water sport boat to enjoy a fun and active day at sea with friends or family. Your RIB for sporting activities is equipped with all the necessary features for you to pursue your passion in complete safety. With its rigid hull and inflatable tube, it ensures robustness, comfort and practicality.

Semi-rigid boats 3m eOpen 3.4 electric
Semi-rigid boats Medline 9m yacht

The RIB for sporting activities combines comfort on board for the passengers, the pleasure of sailing, the ease of manoeuvring for the pilot, the power to obtain thrills and the ease of storage and transport to practise wherever you want and discover the most beautiful spots at sea! It will become your best friend for relaxing moments to be spent with others. Demand the best so you can indulge in your passion and discover our ranges of water-ski boats and wakeboarding boats.

This versatile boat will provide you with unlimited fun and sporting experiences. Customise and choose the equipment and accessories of your choice to fit out the deck of the RIB to your liking in terms of comfort and storage. Customise and choose the equipment and you will be able to take full advantage of it to relax, get kitted out and store your equipment… You can also equip your boat with the necessary equipment to tow someone.