Inflatable and rigid inflatable motorboats

Choose the ideal outboard boat for your boating adventures. The motorised RIB is a multi-purpose boat, suitable for pleasure boating as well as fishing, diving, water-skiing, wakeboarding and as a dinghy. Its versatility allows you to sail on the sea as well as on calmer waters as you prefer.

Zodiac Medline outboard motor boats
Zodiac Open gulfstream outboard motor boats

The motorised RIB has many advantages for everyday use. With its rigid hull, it offers great robustness to withstand the weather. At sea, weather conditions can change very quickly and your boat must allow you to navigate the wind and waves safely. The RIB is equipped with a foldable inflatable tube which is particularly practical for storing the boat. Outboard motors complement the boat and provide the power needed for leisure and cruising. Explore the world with your portable boat.

Lightness, power and agility are the hallmarks of the outboard boat. Easy to handle and suitable for a wide range of activities, it is provides a pleasant ride and performs well when thrill-seeking. Your motorised RIB will be your best friend for your sea excursions. We are here to help you enjoy your sailing and all your adventures on the water with a range of boats to suit your every need and desire. The length of the boat and its capacity will depend on the number of people on board and the intended use.

Treat yourself to a spacious and comfortable pleasure boat for a lazy day in the sun, swimming in secret coves and cruising on the water. Whether you are an amateur or an expert professional, choose a model from the range of powerful and agile motorboats suitable for fishing, water-skiing, scuba diving, wakeboarding, etc. Do you want to sail without harming the environment? Opt for a 100% electric boat featuring modern waterjet technology that propels the boat through water by means of a turbine. If you already have a main boat, complement it with a stylish and practical boat or yacht dinghy so you can sail to the coast or simply for recreational purposes.