Boats from 4 to 6 meters

Semi-rigid boat 5m Medline 580
Semi-rigid boat 4m Open 4.8
Semi-rigid boat 5m Pro 500
Semi-rigid boat 5m Medline 580 cliff
Find your 4 m boat for an outing at sea with friends or family. Ideal as a pleasure boat or boat dinghy, outboard boats with a length of 4 to 6 metres have many features that make them particularly versatile.

The 4m RIB is a particularly popular boat for its practical size, manoeuvrability, robustness and comfort. You can choose a pleasure boat model from the Open range, which are ideal for family outings, or choose a stylish Yachtline tender to complement your main boat.

Thanks to its small size, its capacity of 6 to 12 people with a length of 5.5m or 5.80m and its foldable inflatable tube, it is easy to store in a garage or on a yacht platform… and easy to carry so you can explore the seas of the world. With its rigid hull, the 4-metre outboard RIB withstands changing weather conditions to ensure you sail safely, even in rough seas. Choose an Open boat for fun water sports sessions with friends. Professional and experienced divers and anglers can rely on the performance of a Pro range boat.

On board, the deck can be customised to allow you to choose the equipment and accessories you want for your comfort and convenience: storage lockers, Bimini top, sun deck, etc. The choice of engine will depend on your application and the power you want to use according to the cruising speed you wish to achieve. You can also opt for a 100% electric eJet boat with waterjet technology to enjoy the pleasure of sailing in an environmentally friendly way.