Water-skiing boats

Bateaux de plaisance pour le ski nautique
Bateaux de plaisance pour le ski nautique palonnier
Bateaux de plaisance pour le ski nautique dans les vagues
Bateaux de plaisance pour le ski nautique en mer

The RIB for water-skiing

Find your powerful and durable water-skiing boat for your next sea or lake trip. The RIB for water-skiing will provide you with the thrills you are looking for while offering you the comfort and safety you need to indulge in your passion with friends or family. To choose the right model and the right length, determine the number of people who will be on board and the water on which you will be towing the riders to benefit from a combination of fun and thrills.

Passionate water-skiers know how important it is to have a suitable boat to pull a person on water-skis safely. The RIB, with its rigid hull and inflatable tube, is particularly practical due to its light weight, capacity, robustness and ergonomics.

Speed and manoeuvrability

The RIB allows you to operate both at sea to enjoy the pleasures offered by the waves and on a calmer body of water. It enables easy take off with minimal acceleration to ensure more stability for the rider. Leaving a flat wake behind, the RIB makes it easy to move forward.
Outboard boats are particularly versatile for both water sports and leisure activities and are ideal for their ability to glide through the water to reach the desired speed and cope with the roughness of the sea. Known for their lightness and agility, they offer the rider welcome manoeuvrability when water-skiing. With a V-shaped hull, they quickly gain speed by cutting through the waves.
You will then need to choose an engine powerful enough for your boat to pull the rider and to reach a speed generally between 30 and 40 km/h. Our boats are compatible with several engine manufacturers to give you a wider range of options.

Comfort, practicality and space

The RIB for water-skiing is very popular due its capacity and the comfort it offers to passengers – perfect for day trips with family or friends. Pleasure boats provide space and ergonomics designed to accommodate passengers on deck and allow them to equip themselves easily, but also to store water-skiing equipment, such as skis, rudder bars, ropes, etc. The excellent weight/surface/power ratio of the RIB makes it the boat of choice for water sports, offering a high level of safety, even for trips with children.
An RIB is a boat that is easy to maintain, carry and store thanks to its inflatable tube that can be dismantled and folded. You can add accessories to your boat, such as a ski mast or traction rings installed on the rigid hull, a table or a sun deck, for example.